INFINITY Presents... Networks

Through the use of actual netting and a creative and inventive design, INFINITY plans to portray the ideas of connectivity, as well as the feelings of being entangled in our own everyday networks. Look for both the establishment, as well as termination of various types of connections, as well as some amazing physical and acrobatic moments, throughout this high-energy performance.

To bring this all to life, designers Mike Marino, Arthur Goodman and Noah Bellamy will be working together for the first time for this exciting production. The members will be performing musical selections by Silvestre Revueltas and Daft Punk, as well as original compositions by Mike Marino.

The ensemble will be performing locally as part of the Florida Federation of Colorguard Circuit (FFCC) where they are defending, back-to-back Independent World Class champions (2009, 2010). INFINITY will also be competing nationally, hosting the WGI Orlando Regional, traveling to south Florida for the Boca Raton Regional (hosted by fellow PAC ensemble, STRYKE Percussion, and will be concluding their season at the 2011 World Class Championships in Dayton, Ohio.