Congratulations to INFINITY (PIW) & INFINITY 2 (PIO)

INFINITY made its 11th consecutive appearance as Independent World Finalists earning the team a score of 93.963 for 6th place. INFINITY 2 marked their 4th consecutive appearance as Independent Open Class Finalists earning them the bronze medal with a score of 95.313!

 INFINITY (PIW) 11 consecutive appearances as WGI World Finalists.

INFINITY (PIW) 11 consecutive appearances as WGI World Finalists.

 INFINITY 2 (PIO), 2018 Independent Open Class Bronze Medalists.

INFINITY 2 (PIO), 2018 Independent Open Class Bronze Medalists.



Now in it's twelfth season, INFINITY (PIW) is the premier ensemble of the Infinity Percussion organization. After debuting as a World Class team in 2007, INFINITY has been a WGI Finalist for 10 years consecutively. The ensemble has twice been voted the WGI Percussion Independent World Class Fans' Favorite (2013, 2014).

  • The first Independent World Class percussion ensemble in the state of Florida (2007)
  • 11-Time WGI World Class Finalist
  • 2013 & 2014 WGI Independent World Class Fans’ Favorite
  • 11-Time FFCC Independent World Class Gold Medalist



INFINITY 2 (PIO) was created out of neccesity when auditions for the 2013 season brought a record number of talented and motivated performers to Infinity Percussion. As the organization's second ensemble, “I2” utilizes the same training, techniques, and culture that make INFINITY a two time Fans’ Favorite ensemble. 

  • 2017 WGI Independent Open Class Champion
  • 2018 WGI Independent Open Class Bronze Medalist
  • Record holder for highest score in WGI PIO (98.025)
  • 2015 WGI Independent Open Class Finalist (5th Overall)
  • 5-time FFCC Independent Open Class Gold Medalist
  • 2013 FFCC Independent A Class Gold Medalist



INFINITY 3 (PIA) joined the family in 2016 earning accolades at both the local circuit and at WGI World Championships. After bringing home the gold medal at FFCC Championships in Daytona Beach, INFINITY 3 went on to win the Silver Medal as a WGI Independent A Class finalist in their first ever appearance in Dayton, Ohio! 

  • 2016 WGI Independent A Class Silver Medalist
  • 2016 FFCC Independent A Class Gold Medalist
  • 2017 FFCC Independent Open Class Bronze Medalist
  • 2018 FFCC Independent Open Class Silver Medalist



 Infinity founders (from left) Lee Hansen, Tom Hurst, and John Campese

Infinity founders (from left) Lee Hansen, Tom Hurst, and John Campese


John Campese — Founder, Executive Director 

Tom Hurst — Founder, Financial Manager

Lee Hansen — Founder, Associate Director

Michele Byington — Director of Finance

Larry Byington — Director of Operations

Wayne Baker — Fleet Manager


Director — John Campese

Artistic Director — Richard Cravens 

Ensemble Director — Kendall Montie

Ensemble Coordinator — Rich Viano


Program Coordinator & Drill Designer — Noah Bellamy

Battery Caption Head & Arranger — Mike Hansen

Front Ensemble Caption Head & Arranger — Mitchell Beckman


Battery Manager — John Lluvera

Snares — Zerick Randolph

Basses — John Lluvera,  Michael Swain,  Robert Wassum

Tenors — Lee Hansen

Cymbals — Josh Batson, Bryan Kendrick

Front Ensemble STAFF

Front Ensemble Coordinator  — Rickie Santiago

Front Ensemble  — Alex DaCruz, Kevin Sayers

Engineer/Sound  — Dale Black, Phil Christenot, Geoff Schoeffel


Visual Caption Head — Mary Peabody

Visual Consultant — Dylan Charles

Visual Tech — Ralph Stewart, Eddie Morra, Courtney Verna-Brown



Executive Director - John Campese
Ensemble Director - Larry Byington



Program Coordinator — Richard Cravens 

Drill Designer — Noah Bellamy 

Design Consultants — Lee Hansen, Jeremy Goldberg

Battery STAFF

Battery Coordinator — Jesse Schoenauer

Snare Instructors — Jason Hodge, Zach Wood, James Burns

Tenor Instructors — Marshall Cornette, Mike Lowe, David Galvan

Bass Instructor — Alex Nash, Ben Rusler

Cymbal Instructors — Marvin Valarezo, Olive Ovall


FRONT ensemble STAFF

Engineer/Sound Design — Matt Brown

Front Ensemble Instructor — Tony Camarano, Nick Gigante, Sean Eccles


Visual Instructors — Kristen Lichtenthal, Jorden Pugsley, Erick Guzman



Director — Jonathan Tirado

Staff — Mary Peabody

Staff — Danny Gutierrez

Staff — Nick Walker

Staff — Andee Jones

Staff — Rey Cueves

Staff — Alex Moran

Staff — Will DiGeloromo

Staff — Michael Swain

Staff — Justin Plante

Staff — Ryan Wilhite

Staff — Alexander Gonzalez

Staff — Carlos Martinez