2x Infinity at WGI 2015

INFINITY is no stranger to the lights, lots, crowds and competition that is found in Dayton, Ohio each April. Heading into their 9th season, the World Class ensemble has been a WGI Finalist the past 7 consecutive seasons, with it's highest placement in history being this past season in 7th place. With a score of 91.613, the ensemble also achieved their 2nd consecutive WGI World Class Fan Favorite award. There is an excitement and great interest that has formed about the Infinity Percussion organization from Orlando, Florida, but this isn't only due to the World Class ensemble.

In 2013, Infinity Percussion formed a second ensemble - INFINITY 2 (I2). The effort of this ensemble was to provide even more performers the opportunity to become a member of the organization, providing the same culture and techniques utilized within the World Class ensemble. With a staff primarily constructed of former members of the organization, the members were excited to involved at the beginning, instilled with a level of dedication and vision reminiscent of the first year of INFINITY.

Quickly, the ensemble evolved from a mere training ground into a strong competitive force within the local circuit (Florida Federation of Color Guards Circuit - FFCC). By the completion of the 2013 season, INFINITY 2 mirrored their big brother ensemble, achieving 1st place at the FFCC Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. There was an immediate buzz about whether the group would travel to Dayton for WGI World Championships - but it was decided best to take more time to prepare the ensemble for the big show.

In 2014, INFINITY 2 followed up their premier season with another successful journey. After a surprise promotion in the middle of the season, the ensemble achieved their second competitive FFCC Gold Medal, this time in Open Class. The ensemble's members staff truly showed their dedication and commitment to the performance, to each other, and to the entire organization throughout the season.

It is with great excitement that we announce both INFINITY and INFINITY 2 will travel to Dayton, Ohio for the 2015 WGI World Championships this April. Thank you to everyone who has a played a role in the growth of these two ensembles and the organization - the designers, instructors, administration, volunteers, partners, sponsors, members, alumni, and of course, our fans. We're just under two weeks away from auditions, and we can't wait to see the talent that will make up these ensembles for the upcoming season that is sure to be another incredible chapter in our history.