Thoughts of Japan

This year, INFINITY has a member of the snare line from Fukuoka, Japan. His name is Hiroshi "Hiro" Sotoyama, and he flew over in October to audition, made the group, and now lives in the U.S. to perform with the ensemble for the 2011 season. With the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan on March 11th, Hiro's family members and friends are luckily safe, but the lives of everyone in Japan have been shaken. We hope your hearts and minds are with the Japanese, and please support them in anyway that you can.

INFINITY is also thinking of fellow PAC/STRYKE Percussion performer, Juri Shibuya from Yamagata, Japan (her family is also safe), as well as previous tenor tech, Josh Peeples, and Phil Filipek - both of whom were in Japan as performers at Disney theme parks. Josh and Phil have recently returned home safely.

Thank you for all your support of not only INFINITY, but the other PAC ensembles (STRYKE, AQUARIUS & MEDEA), as well as the other performance ensembles around the state and the country. In a time of tragedy, this activity has created a release, something to enjoy during a time of struggle, and your support as fans is tremendously appreciated by every member of every ensemble.