Zach Wood, commonly known as Woody, is one of the true examples of dedication. A hard-worker and highly motivated, he has accomplished all the goals he has set for himself - but he is not done yet. The upcoming 2013 season will be Woody’s first time as being the true leader of the ensemble - setting the example for the entire membership as to what is expected for 2013.

He has the skill. He has the experience. He has the motivation and determination.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.

How many years did you march with INFINITY, and what corps did you march with?

This season will be my sixth season performing with INFINITY. I joined the ensemble in 2008, spending my first two years on rack in the front ensemble and the snare line after that.

I have marched with two drum corps: Teal Sound in 2009 and 2011, and The Cavaliers in 2012.

What do you remember about your first two seasons with INFINITY, knowing that your dream was to become a part of the snare line in the future?

My goal was always to make the snare line, so I would spend a lot of time observing what I needed to become in order fulfill my dream of being a member of the Moose Pack. I achieved my goal through personal hard work, further developing my drumming skills - it was also about building and making the mental side of the activity stronger. I've also had a lot of assistance throughout my years that I have been drumming - It would be too long to list.

Once you made the snare line, was it tough living up to the demands or did you fit right in?

The demands were pretty tough to live up to. I had never marched a show that was as complicated as a competitive World Class indoor show. It was a lot of fun working to live up to the demands though.

What is your favorite thing about being a member of INFINITY?

The fact that every year I've experienced, the group keeps getting better and better. Every year we get stronger as an ensemble. That's exciting for the seasons to come.

How did your experience at INFINITY help prepare you for your experience with drum corps?

My experiences with INFINITY prepared me for drum corps by giving me my first World Class experience - it’s all about the expectation and the level that we're held to. Not accepting anything but your best every single time.

What are there similarities between your experiences with your drum corps and Infinity Percussion?

There are a few similarities between The Cavaliers and Infinity:

Both organizations are professional and take great care of the members.

Both groups strive to be the most bada** things on the planet.

I love that vibe.

What advice do you have for the performers auditioning to become a member of INFINITY 2013?

If I have any advice, it’s to be yourself and be open to new things. Adapt fast and definitely come prepared as well. Be able to play all the audition material at all tempos and be ready to work hard this season.