MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Jonathan Cheatham

How many years did you march with INFINITY, and what corps did you march with?

I marched 5 years with INFINITY, all of which I was a member of the snare line, from 2007 to 2011. In 2010 I received the Most Outstanding Battery Member award, and I was the Snare Section and Ensemble Leader for my age-out season in 2011.

As for Drum Corps, I marched on the snare line with The Magic Drum & Bugle Corps from Orlando, FL in 2006. In 2008, I marched on the snare line with The Madison Scouts from Madison, WI, finishing in 12th place at the DCI World Class Finals.

How did your experience at INFINITY help prepare you for your experience with drum corps?

Being a part of INFINITY helped prepare me for Drum Corps by allowing me to strengthen the proper drumming and marching abilities required for the drum corp activity. If it wasn’t for Infinity, my drumming career could have ended very early with many regrets. Instead, Infinity helped create the drummer I am today and allowed me to reach my goal of marching DCI Finals with The Madison Scouts.

What was/is your favorite thing about being a member/alum of INFINITY?

My favorite thing about being a member of INFINITY was having the opportunity to march with INFINITY from day one. Being able to watch the group grow each year, reaching new goals every season, and establishing INFINITY Percussion within the WGI community was such an exciting experience.

I‘ve only been an alum of Infinity Percussion for one season, but my favorite thing so far has been the chance to finally experience INFINITY from an outside perspective. I have never known that feeling until this past year and it was phenomenal to see the group striving to be better than previous years. It left me wishing I had more years to march.

What are there similarities between your experiences with drum corps and INFINITY?

Both activities provide a great life experience that no one else will understand unless they have marched before. You create a new family and build bonds with people from all over the world. Both activities require you to give every ounce of energy to perform and perfect your show. One of the best experiences they offer is the chance to perform in front of thousands of people who respect you, the organization(s), and the marching activities (indoor and outdoor) in general.