Headed In The Right Direction

With a new design team, a new staff, and a membership consisting of over 50% first-time World Class performers, INFINITY has had a very fresh approach for the 2011 season. A lot of question marks existed at the beginning of the season - Will this season work out? How are the new members going to handle World Class demands? Is this show going to excel the INFINITY program to a higher level of entertainment?

Week by week, and show after show, the members and staff receive answers to these lingering questions... and the answers have been incredibly positive. Judges, family members, friends, fans and alumni all seem to be noticing the difference in the show program and ensemble as a whole this season. With support from our INFINI-Fans, the members and staff continue to push each week in hopes to have great success at the end of this season which is only weeks away (just 4 weeks until the trip to Dayton).

On behalf of everyone involved with INFINITY 2011, we would like to express our gratitude for the support of all of our INFINI-Fans. It is your consistent excitement about the ensemble and the program that keeps us pushing throughout the season to achieve the highest level of excellence.