New Pathways

From Assistant Director and INFINITY Music Designer/Instructor, Mike Marino:

It is with mixed emotions that I officially announce my resignation from INFINITY Percussion. My decision to leave was finalized after long, careful and critical consideration of all factors. My six seasons with the ensemble are simply unforgettable. Each season has had such an amazing cast and crew! The growth of the ensemble, through no small feat, has been simply amazing. I regret leaving my friends but believe the change will be beneficial to both myself and the ensemble.
Tom Hurst, John Campese, Arthur Goodman, Noah Bellamy, Jim & Marilyn Budzynski, and all of the members and staff that have helped to build INFINITY to the organization that it is today: It has truly been an honor working with INFINITY. I want to thank you all for your friendship, your guidance, and, most of all, your trust in the work I've done. I can tell you that the staff about to enter the ensemble are going to continue accomplishing great things! I love you all! Good luck in 2014…..and beyond!

As Infinity Percussion gears up for 2014, we have some great new additions to the design and instructional teams that are ready to begin the next generation of INFINITY Percussion. Be sure to check back with our website and social media regularly as we will be announcing our new team members, audition dates and materials over the next few weeks.

We wish Mike and his family all the best with their new adventures. He will surely be missed, but he will always be member of the INFINIFamily.

Thank you, Mike, for everything, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.