INFINITY has a little brother...

Since the foundation in 2007, INFINITY has provided strong support for the growth of the entire percussion activity within the state of Florida, and most specifically the central Florida area. As INFINITY members begin to spread their knowledge of the activity throughout the surrounding high schools and newly formed independent percussion programs, the Central Florida area over the past few years has blossomed into something truly beautiful, with percussion organizations reaching new levels of excellence in both execution and creativity.

Specifically within the Orlando area, only a few indoor percussion organizations were made consistently available, which included a handful of scholastic lines and INFINITY. Many of the most successful high school band and percussion programs have not been able to establish an indoor ensemble, and there have been no Independent A or Open Class ensembles in the area for those dedicated and enthusiastic performers to join and increase their skills with. There was a void that needed to be filled; a bridge that needed to be built between the high school marching percussion experience and the highly competitive and successful independent World Class experience that is provided by INFINITY Percussion.

The auditions for INFINITY 2013 concluded this past October weekend, providing the ensemble with the most talented and well-balanced group of members in the history of the organization. The 2013 auditions also brought about our highest attendance level, with over 100 performers auditioning throughout the four days of assessment. As with all auditions for musical ensembles, INFINITY would only offer a limited amount of positions to participants as to who could become a part of the 2013 membership. However, the talented performers not chosen to join the ensemble for the upcoming season were just too good to not have a part of our ever-growing INFINIFamily.

It was the need of a bridge, the surplus of talented performers, the availability of educators that have gone through the INFINITY experience, and the strong desire of a secondary ensemble by Founders Tom Hurst and John Campese, along with Ensemble Director, Arthur Goodman, that the INFINITY Percussion organization proudly presents... INFINITY 2.

The focus of INFINITY 2 will be to provide a training ground and development program to all members who participate so that they may ultimately achieve their personal performance and percussion goals, and have a greater opportunity through consistent education and experience to progress to the World line. INFINITY 2 will provide the same culture and teaching philosophies, along with the same marching, playing, and performance techniques that are used by the instructors of the World Class ensemble. This ensemble will enact a consistent approach set by the World line to provide a performance opportunity for less-experienced performers who still have the desire to learn and be a part of the Infinity Percussion organization.

INFINITY 2 will begin their journey competing as a member of Independent A Class within both the Florida Federation of Color Guards Circuit (FFCC) and the Winter Guard International (WGI) competitive performance organizations. Instruction and design will come from former members of the INFINITY organization who have been through the process and learned the specific techniques used at the World Class level so that they can bring a similar experience to our new “little brother” organization. These instructors have also proven themselves as effective educators and designers with their own programs within the Orlando area. This group will be focused on training, but as with everything INFINITY undertakes, the ensemble will also strive to be the best within its class.

As financials are always a concern for performers of this activity, INFINITY 2 will provide an opportunity for individuals who may not be able to meet the monetary requirements of the World line, but still dream of becoming a member of the organization. At just over a third of the cost of the World Class ensemble, INFINITY 2 will provide members with the chance to fulfill their dream, receiving the same high quality equipment, instruction, and experience with a lesser financial burden. As a performer of this ensemble, members will gain the skills needed while having the time to fully prepare for all elements required by the World Class ensemble.

This advance in the Infinity Percussion organization would not be possible without the incredible dedication and support by our membership, instructional staff, support staff and volunteers, design team, sponsors, and our amazing INFINIFans throughout our history. All of us at Infinity give our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has supported and been involved with the ensemble over the past 6 years. More information is to be announced over the coming weeks about everything related to INFINITY 2: auditions, the new home of the ensemble, staff and design teams, and more.

For more information and descriptions of the ensemble, please read below for statements made by a few of the Infinity Percussion organization’s founders and directors.

“After witnessing the abundance of talent at auditions for the upcoming season, I started to become very selfish. The performers were all so talented and had such a strong desire to make the ensemble, I just couldn’t settle with the idea that we would have to let these members not be a part of the INFINITY experience. Knowing that John, Tom, and myself had always dreamed of having a secondary group, I knew this was the year that we could truly make INFINITY 2 a reality. The World Class ensemble has grown tremendously over the past few seasons, with our teams and processes firmly in place, and we are confident that starting I2 at this time would be a solid and fantastic experience for everyone involved with the organization. Members always come and go within this activity, for a multiple of various reasons. Having this secondary ensemble will provide the security of having performers for the seasons to come, and will also advance the membership of both INFINITY programs by providing training to a greater number of performers. I am beyond excited for the upcoming 2013 season for both ensembles, and the future of Infinity Percussion.”

ARTHUR GOODMAN - Ensemble Director of the Infinity Percussion organization


“As a co-founder of both First Degree Percussion and INFINITY Percussion, I've long shared the dream along with my co-founding partner's John Campese and Arthur Goodman, of one day having our ensemble grow to support a secondary unit. Due to the dedication and sweat equity of our many past members and alumna, and our dedicated staff under the direction of Mike Marino and Arthur Goodman, the past six years of performance participation has seen the INFINITY organization develop a foundation of consistent excellence in all areas of educational and social development. This level of outstanding performance, purposeful commitment, and competitive success has created a greater demand for participation opportunities than ever before, paving the way for the realization of our long-held dream: INFINITY 2.
With this new venture it is my sincere hope that our ever-expanding "INFINIFam" (as long-time First Degree/INFINITY alumni Arthur Goodman refers to our membership, staff, and fans) will now have more ways to continue their involvement with our ensembles beyond just performance and membership. Whether that be a young hopeful from a high school that does not have the means to field an indoor percussion unit, or the age-out of our World line that has a burning desire to transfer their performance experience into educational efforts for our future membership. I believe INFINITY 2 will be a fruitful new outlet for all levels of our ensemble associates to improve themselves, regardless their experience level or age.”

TOM HURST - Co-Founder and Financial Manager of the INFINITY Percussion organization


 “With the formation of INFINITY 2, I am happy to expand our organization, reaching more people, allowing more performers the opportunity to do what they love. As a life-long Florida resident involved with the percussion activity within the Orlando area for over 30 years, I have strongly supported the growth of the activity throughout the community and around the state. This opportunity continues my devotion to the percussive arts and my community, and I am happy to provide young performers throughout the state of Florida with a new and exciting experience.”

JOHN CAMPESE - Co-Founder and Executive Director of the INFINITY Percussion organization