INFINITY 2013 Presents... Limitless

Building off of their strongest season in 2012, INFINITY looks to become “L I M I T L E S S” in 2013. Inspired by the music of Thomas Bergersen and the sky’s endless opportunities of exploration, INFINITY 2013 will break through the traditional confines of the performance arena. Through strong visual architecture, athleticism, and trademark cinematic musical flavor, the members will move beyond the standard roles of performance, furthering the axes of X, Y, and Z.

INFINITY will perform locally throughout central Florida as a member of the Florida Federation of Color Guards Circuit (FFCC), and nationally at the WGI Orlando Regional, the WGI Boca Raton Regional, and the 2013 WGI World Championships.

A 5-time WGI Independent World Class finalist, INFINITY Percussion was founded in 2007 and is under the direction of John Campese, Arthur Goodman, and Mike Marino. Working together since 2010, designers Noah Bellamy, Arthur Goodman, and Mike Marino return to the design team and proudly bring to you INFINITY 2013... L I M I T L E S S

To break down the boundaries, and push back all the walls.
The sky is not the limit...