INFINITY 2 Presents... Stand Out!

In 2013, INFINITY 2 (I2) is looking to “STAND OUT” amongst the crowd. Drawing inspiration from the haunting melody of "Every Day" by Carly Commando and quotes from real and fictional heroes throughout history, I2 aims to premier as a unique ensemble. Blacks and vibrant reds in the uniforms contrast with a visually minimalist floor design and stark white props, allowing the performers themselves to stand out within the design. In their inaugural season, I2 is ready to Stand Out. Are you? 

INFINITY 2 will perform locally throughout central Florida as a member of the Florida Federation of Color Guards Circuit (FFCC), and nationally at the WGI Orlando Regional and the WGI Boca Raton Regional.

INFINITY 2 is under the direction of John Campese, Arthur Goodman, and Mike Hansen. Working together for the first time, designers Richard Cravens, Craig Armstrong, Mike Hansen, and Tony Camarano form the design team to proudly present INFINITY 2... STAND OUT!