Earasers - Sonic Clarity and Protection

Persona Medical (the makers of EARasers hi-fidelity ear plugs) are the latest sponsors of the Infinity Percussion organization!

EARasers are the amazing new ear plugs that provide musicians and music lovers alike the benefits of custom hearing protection in an instant fitting package. The members and staff of INFINITY Percussion are excited to have a product that fits wonderfully and allows for the tonal quality of the instruments to exist while providing the much needed protection. 

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The owner of Persona Medical, Don Campbell, is an avid drum corp fan and alumnus of Suncoast Sound, which is where he originally befriended the founders of INFINITY Percussion, John Campese and Tom Hurst back in 1988. While they were traveling together around the country for their drum corp tour, Don stressed to Tom the importance of protecting his hearing. Don's family has owned a hearing aid manufacturing company since 1967 (previously Magnatone, now Persona Medical), and knew very well the dangers of loud and percussive instruments. Eventually, while Tom was touring with "What It Is," Don was able to fit him with custom hearing instruments at one of his gigs in downtown Orlando. Tom professes that even after years of performing live and studio sessions, Sound Engineers often comment at how much lower he keeps his monitors compared to other drummers - a testament to the benefits of using hearing protection instruments.

Recognizing that most musicians don't have access to custom hearing protection due to the expense and time involved in finding a local audiologist, Don set out to perfect an instant fit, high-fidelity earplug that would be acceptable to the scrutinizing ear of a musician. He reasoned that if musicians liked them, everyone would like them, and as soon as he sent a pair of the newly developed EARasers to Tom to test out, the match was made!

Tom was impressed that an instant fit pair could be comfortable, and yet sound sound so clear, eliminating any ringing in his ears even after hours of playing. Furthermore, the price for these hi-fidelity plugs were low enough to be accessible to most all students, parents, and just about anyone that wants to enjoy loud venues and protect their hearing at the same time. Thus, the idea was born to test the EARasers in the indoor drumline settings with INFINITY Percussion.

With the help of Ensemble Director, Arthur Goodman, and Heather Campbell (Don's wife), the 2013 members and staff were fit in one afternoon this past October. It was a great experience for everyone, as the members were able to ask some great questions regarding the mechanics of the ear and hearing, and were instructed by Don on how to maintain a healthy hearing lifestyle.

While the product is constantly improving, the 2013 INFINITY membership and staff were all in agreement that the EARasers were very comfortable and definitely reduced the volume while maintaining the clarity and sound quality of the various instruments.

Interested in getting a pair? INFINITY will be selling EARasers at their merchandise booth throughout the season! Check out some of the statements by the current membership:

“My pair of EARasers is by far the best hearing protection I have used for drumming. I've tried regular foam earplugs before, but it's a different and uncomfortable feel of performance from when I am wearing them to when I'm not, so I just kind of gave up on wearing hearing protection. I have been wearing the EARasers since I received a pair, and it is a totally different situation now. I can actually hear a person talking right next to me just as clear as if I didn't have the EARasers in, yet they still provide enough sound reduction to protect my hearing from drumming. Overall they are durable, comfortable, and virtually invisible. I will be definitely be using my EARasers for the rest of my drumming career.”

- KEVIN DEVLIN, JR. - Bass Section Leader

“As a marching cymbal player, it is often difficult to hear the clarity of the ensemble due to the resonance the cymbals along with the very loud sounds of the battery, in both an indoor and outdoor environment. The sounds a pair of marching cymbals can create varies greatly in both effect and volume, but it is always important that the player protects their hearing. EARasers helps protect my hearing and decrease the volume from cymbal playing, providing greater clarity which allows me to stay in time with the ensemble. It's comfortable and they fit great! I see myself using EARasers throughout my entire music career.”

 - JOSH BATSON - Cymbal Section Leader