INFINITY 2015 - "There Will Be Blood"

Greed is the ultimate destruction of man, and as long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering...  

In 2015, 2-time WGI Percussion Independent World Class Fan Favorite ensemble, INFINITY, will be bringing to life the rise and fall of a business tycoon with their production entitled, "There Will Be Blood." Performing  music composed by Jonny Greenwood as well as Giuseppe Verdi, the ensemble will portray the highs and lows that come with wealth and the fear of losing it all.

INFINITY will perform throughout Central Florida as a member of the Florida Federation of Color Guards Circuit (FFCC), as well as compete at the WGI Orlando Regional, the WGI Mid-South Championship, and the 2015 WGI Percussion World Championship in Dayton, Ohio. For more information about performances and the full tour schedule, visit

Infinity Percussion was founded in 2007, and provides education and performance opportunities to nearly 100 young performers each season between two ensembles, INFINITY and INFINITY 2. Under the direction of John Campese and Arthur Goodman, INFINITY is a 7-time WGI World Class Finalist ensemble.

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INFINITY 2 - "The Offering"

In a time before order, there was only chaos. Though civilization was achieved, it was with a heavy price. Inspired by the 2006 film, Apocalypto, and the music of composer Mike Marino, INFINITY 2 presents, "The Offering" - a riveting journey of Aztec ritual sacrifice.


INFINITY 2 will perform throughout Central Florida as a member of the Florida Federation of Color Guards Circuit (FFCC), the WGI Orlando Regional and for the first time will be traveling to Dayton, Ohio for the 2015 WGI Percussion World Championship. For more information about performances and the full tour schedule, please visit

Infinity Percussion was founded in 2007, and provides education and performance opportunities to nearly 100 young performers each year between two ensembles, INFINITY and INFINITY 2. A 2-time FFCC Gold Medalist, the INFINITY 2 ensemble was founded in 2013 by John Campese, Tom Hurst and Arthur Goodman, and is under the direction of Mike Hansen and Tony Camarano.

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Increasing the Effect

Hot on the heels of the announcement confirming the triumphant return of the Visual Ensemble for both INFINITY (PIW) and INFINITY 2 (PIO), Infinity Percussion is excited to announce that Matt Verburg has joined the organization as Visual Program Coordinator for the 2015 season. As a fixture in the Central Florida drumming community for many years, Matt will bring his infectious ambition and an impeccable eye for detail to both ensembles, assisting in the Visual and Effect categories.

For more information about Matt Verburg, please continue to read below.

Matt Verburg grew up in the Orlando area and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Central Florida along with a Masters Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. Matt co-founded the four-time WGI World Class Finalist ensemble "The Creek," where he served as Ensemble Director and Program Designer from 2008 to 2011.

Matt has served most notably as Battery Coordinator at Timber Creek High School (2003-2008), Marching Percussion Specialist at University of Central Florida (2008-2011), Program Coordinator for the Tarpon Springs HS Indoor Percussion Ensemble (2013), and most recently as Battery Coordinator at Blue Springs High School (Blue Springs, MO) (2011-Present).

Earlier in his career, Matt co-founded the "Hot Scots" snare drum ensemble and later marched snare with Southwind Drum and Bugle Corps (1999-2000, 2002-2003). Matt returned to Southwind (2005-2006) as a member of the percussion staff and later served as percussion visual specialist for the Madison Scouts (2007). 

Matt is the Founder of Lot Riot. He is an active consultant, clinician, and visual designer based in Central Florida. Matt proudly endorses Mapex Percussion and Promark Drumsticks, and is a regular percussion panelist on the Marching Roundtable podcast.

The VE Returns

The Visual Ensemble section will be returning for the 2015 season - but not just with the World line.

This season, both ensembles will field Visual Ensemble sections to enhance their programs. This section first made it's appearance with INFINITY (World Class) during the 2011 season with less than 5 members, yet has grown into a consistent and demanding role of the ensemble each passing season. Visual Ensemble members receive the benefit of increasing their performance skills regardless of their experience as a percussion musician - a great tool for aspiring performers who want to either be a part of the organization, or one day make a marching music position in either ensemble.

Auditions for the Visual Ensemble sections will begin during the second Audition Clinic, which takes place Sunday, October 5th at Oviedo High School from 1:00pm to 9:00pm. Registration will begin at 12:00pm.

To pre-register (recommended) for the Visual Ensemble auditions, please follow the steps as outlined by our Join page - - performers will also have access to the Audition Packet used by our music performers (not required for Visual Ensemble auditions).

Note: If you have already registered with Infinity Percussion for the 2015 Audition Clinics, your registration will also apply to the Visual Ensemble audition process. All performers need to register only once per season to audition for any position of the ensembles.

For more information about becoming a member of the Visual Ensemble, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section of the Join page.

2x Infinity at WGI 2015

INFINITY is no stranger to the lights, lots, crowds and competition that is found in Dayton, Ohio each April. Heading into their 9th season, the World Class ensemble has been a WGI Finalist the past 7 consecutive seasons, with it's highest placement in history being this past season in 7th place. With a score of 91.613, the ensemble also achieved their 2nd consecutive WGI World Class Fan Favorite award. There is an excitement and great interest that has formed about the Infinity Percussion organization from Orlando, Florida, but this isn't only due to the World Class ensemble.

In 2013, Infinity Percussion formed a second ensemble - INFINITY 2 (I2). The effort of this ensemble was to provide even more performers the opportunity to become a member of the organization, providing the same culture and techniques utilized within the World Class ensemble. With a staff primarily constructed of former members of the organization, the members were excited to involved at the beginning, instilled with a level of dedication and vision reminiscent of the first year of INFINITY.

Quickly, the ensemble evolved from a mere training ground into a strong competitive force within the local circuit (Florida Federation of Color Guards Circuit - FFCC). By the completion of the 2013 season, INFINITY 2 mirrored their big brother ensemble, achieving 1st place at the FFCC Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. There was an immediate buzz about whether the group would travel to Dayton for WGI World Championships - but it was decided best to take more time to prepare the ensemble for the big show.

In 2014, INFINITY 2 followed up their premier season with another successful journey. After a surprise promotion in the middle of the season, the ensemble achieved their second competitive FFCC Gold Medal, this time in Open Class. The ensemble's members staff truly showed their dedication and commitment to the performance, to each other, and to the entire organization throughout the season.

It is with great excitement that we announce both INFINITY and INFINITY 2 will travel to Dayton, Ohio for the 2015 WGI World Championships this April. Thank you to everyone who has a played a role in the growth of these two ensembles and the organization - the designers, instructors, administration, volunteers, partners, sponsors, members, alumni, and of course, our fans. We're just under two weeks away from auditions, and we can't wait to see the talent that will make up these ensembles for the upcoming season that is sure to be another incredible chapter in our history.

Infinity represents at the 2014 DCA Championships

DCI 2014 may have come a conclusion, with many of our members performing with various corps throughout the World Class, but the summer isn't over!

The Sun Devils 2013

The Sun Devils 2013

This weekend is the 2014 Drum Corps Association (DCA) World Championships, and you'll see a couple of our Infinity Percussion members in Rochester, New York performing with the Sun Devils Drum & Bugle Corps. 

  • DJ Foster (INFINITY 2014)
  • Will Bogen (INFINITY 2 2014)

Good luck to DJ, Will, and all of the PAC performers representing Florida at DCA World Championships!

INFINITY Staff for 2015


Andy Ebert  ⎯ Program Coordinator
Noah Bellamy  ⎯ Drill Designer
James Sparling  ⎯ Battery Caption Head & Arranger
Samantha Cope  ⎯ Front Ensemble Caption Head & Arranger
Arthur Goodman  ⎯ Visual Caption Head


Tim Wood - Battery Coordinator
Zerick Randolph  ⎯ Snare Drums
Zach Wood - Snare Drums
Danny Raymond  ⎯ Snare Drums
Ian Clarey - Tenor Drums
Frank Torres - Bass Drums
John Lluvera - Bass Drums
Josh Batson - Cymbals
Angel Tagudin - Cymbals
Rily Franklin - Front Ensemble
Mitchell Beckman - Front Ensemble
Deborah Parsons - Front Ensemble
Omar Negron - Visual
John Budzynski - Visual
Madison Weir - Visual

I2 Staff for 2015


Noah Bellamy  ⎯ Program Coordinator & Drill Designer
Mike Hansen  ⎯ Battery Caption Head & Arranger
Tony Camarano  ⎯ Front Ensemble Caption Head & Arranger
Jeremy Goldberg  ⎯ Visual Caption Head


Josh Peeples  ⎯ Snare Drums
Brandon Krebs - Snare Drums
Jake Siegel - Tenor Drums
Landon Baker - Tenor Drums
Tammy Polidore - Bass Drums
Yarnell Stallworth - Cymbals
Lindsey Parker - Front Ensemble

Infinity Percussion well represented at DCI 2014

As the 2014 DCI season comes to a close, we're proud to acknowledge all of the members of the Infini-Fam who competed this summer. Congratulations on another exciting season on tour with DCI!

  • Brandon Fish (The Crossmen)
  • Reynaldo Cuevas (The Boston Crusaders)
  • DJ Foster (Pioneer)
  • Griffin Harvey (The Bluecoats)
  • Collin Hill (The Cadets)
  • Bryan Kendrick (Spirit of Atlanta)
  • Kristen Lichtenthal (The Blue Devils)
  • Kaitlin Muether (The Crossmen)
  • Kelsey Murphy (The Colts)
  • Ben Rusler (The Crossmen)
  • Ryan Sanford (Blue Stars)
  • Michael Swain (Troopers)
  • Robert Wassum (Santa Clara Vanguard)
  • Matt Albano (The Bluecoats) 

  • Geoff Schoeffel (The Cadets)


Visual Is Key


The design team for INFINITY (World Class) has decided to again incorporate the Visual Ensemble section within the show design for the 2014 World Class production!


Last season, INFINITY received the organization’s first ever WGI Fans’ Favorite award with the larger-than-life production, LIMITLESS, which feature 16 Visual Ensemble performers. For the 2014 season, we will again be looking for the same number of visually talented performers to fill the positions of this highly demanding role within the ensemble and program.

For more information about how to audition for the Visual Ensemble, please click HERE.

Download and post the Visual Ensemble Audition Flyer at your school or rehearsal facility.

Join our Facebook Page and the VE Audition event to stay current with all the latest news.