7-time WGI World Class Finalist

2013 & 2014 WGI World Class Fans’ Favorite


Founded in 2007 by Tom Hurst, John Campese, and Lee Hansen, Infinity Percussion was formed by a large group of both staff and members of the 2006 WGI Independent Open Class championship ensemble, First Degree (Orlando, FL).

Choosing to compete at the highest level of performance, INFINITY decided to start the organization immediately in World Class, and has been a WGI World Class Finalist every year since 2008.

Infinity Percussion has grown tremendously, gaining recognition within the state, nationally and around the world, accomplishing many successes. In 2013, the organization welcomed a new ensemble to the INFINIFamily: INFINITY 2. This ensemble focuses on younger and less-experienced performers, providing them with the same training, techniques, and culture that is used and promoted within the World Class ensemble.

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